PiWars 2022

So excited to be taking part in the PiWars 2022 competition! Thank you so much PiWars for putting together such an inspiring event!

The theme of PiWars 2022 is robots in farming and agriculture.

Come on team Mechanismo ... we got this!

Team Mechanismo

Team Mechanismo

PiWars 2022 - 28th April - Playful Anywhere, Leeds

We took the robots up to Leeds to visit the amazing Emma Bearman and lovely folks at Playful Anywhere.

We did some dancing in a shopping mall, scared people with a crab and talked about play and bringing joy with robots.

PiWars 2022 - 30th April - Makers Central

We got to drive robots around the NEC, and met some amazing people.

PiWars 2022 - 4th June - EMF Camp

EMF Camp was amazing - Crawlybot made new friends and showed off a bit.
...oh, and best of all, I got to meet Mike Horne! :-)

We sometimes get asked how the robots handle running on grass... this was a pretty luxuriant turf!

Crawly also surprisingly topped the leaderboard for the Hacky Races remote controlled robot class! :-)

PiWars 2022 - 10th June - Where's my Towel?

The original plan was to make another Crawlybot, that was the correct PiWars dimensions. Like so many plans, this went awry and faced with shortening Crawly's chassis by 25mm to fit within the length limit, I was seriously rehearsing my 'throwing the towel in' email to Mike at this point.

Crawly in pieces
Crawly in pieces.

PiWars 2022 - Submission Day!

length measurement
Length measurement.

width measurement
Width measurement.

height measurement
Height measurement.

Wonderful sheep, thanks to the amazing annA rydeR!
I was so grateful, I didn't have the heart to asked for wolves as well, so dressed some excess sheep up in wolf's clothes.